What is asthma

Asthma is a chronic disease that inflames the airways in the lungs. This means that the airways are swollen and sensitive. The swelling is always there, even when you feel good. The swelling can be controlled by staying away from things that irritate your airways and make your breathing difficult, such as mold, pollen, dust, cigarette smoke, air pollution, and animal dander. In addition to being swollen or inflamed, your airways may sometimes spasm and narrow, causing bronchospasm. These attacks are characterized by wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, or chest tightness.

What causes asthma?

The basic cause of asthma is not known. There are many theories being researched at
this time by doctors and scientists. They still don’t have an answer to why some people
get asthma and others do not. They do know that it can run in families and that it is
affecting more and more people throughout the world.

Is there a cure for asthma?

Asthma cannot be cured, but it can be treated and controlled. Children with asthma can
and should expect to live free of symptoms all or most of the time. With proper treatment
and education, this can be accomplished!

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