Endorsements for Zoey and the Zones

“As a practicing pediatric physician and children’s hospital administrator, I am well aware of the magnitude of problems caused by childhood asthma. This workbook on asthma is long overdue and has the potential to help families and children who will be fortunate enough to have access to it. It s accurate, entertaining, educational, and easy to understand. All of these characteristics should make it a staple for years to come.”
Richard S. Wayne, M.D., Vice President and CEO
Christus Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital

“Zoey and the Zones takes critical asthma information and translates it into a fun learning experience for kids. The message of this book is powerful yet is delivered in a manner that children understand and will find entertaining. This beloved character provides children with the tools they need to cope with this chronic and challenging illness.”
David Dukes, Chairman
CHOC Foundation for Children

“As an educator of respiratory therapists, I believe this workbook can serve as an excellent tool for use by therapists, nurses, pharmacists, and physicians involved in the care of children with asthma. The text is superb and the graphics are engaging. A wonderful book for young children and their parents, who are looking for tools that will help them manage this chronic disease.”
David C. Shelledy, PhD, RRT
Chair, Department of Respiratory Care
The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

“As a practicing pharmacist for over twenty years and as a policymaker, I am excited about the easy, enjoyable format of Zoey and the Zones. Families and patients with asthma will benefit greatly from this teaching tool.”
Leticia Van De Putte, RPh
Texas State Senator

“As a mother with three young children, life can be very busy. Add to that a chronic lung disease, times three, and you can easily feel overwhelmed. I enjoyed reading Zoey and the Zones with my children. It was a fun read written with a wide age range of children in mind. Zoey and the Zones is also a guide to assist in making management plans for your specific individual needs. This comprehensive book is wonderful for the person (or caregiver) just diagnosed with asthma, as well as a tool for people currently controlling their symptoms. Asthma is manageable. Learn as much as you can and follow your plan. Enjoy your life to the fullest!”
Jo Anne Naro, Mother of Three Children with Asthma
Medfield, Massachusetts

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